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Due to the TIME CHANGE the daily schedule is off by one hour.  This is an easy fix - just reset one of your scheduled medicines to update all of your daily schedule.  - This article explains more: Time change

If you have Parkinson's Disease you know how important it is to take your medicine on time, every time, and to track you symptoms to ensure your medicine is working most efficiently.

Parkinson's Disease Diary (PD Diary) was developed by a person with Parkinson's for people with Parkinson's with the following goals in mind:

  • Reminders: take your medicine on time, every time.
  • Track symptoms: see how well your medicine is working.
  • Track activities: allows you to provide your medical team with a more comprehensive view of your life.
  • Motivation: to be more active, complete your exercises, and take your medicine on time.
  • Accountability to yourself (and others if you share the information): tracking when your medicine is taken, and adherence to your exercise schedule.
  • Privacy and Security: All of this information is stored on your device. None of it is online or accessible by anyone else without your permission.
  • Discovery: Use the information gathered to see patterns in how effective your medicine is, and when your symptoms are better or worse. For example if you find your medicine wears off around the same time everyday, or if eating meals at irregular hours or the amount of sleep you get causes your symptoms to be worse.
  • Control: helps you feel like you are more in control of your schedule, and your life.

PD Mode

As PD Diary was designed for people with Parkinson's, there are some features specifically to help with those people suffering from tremor.


  • PD Longclick mode - if you find that you accidentally tap or click on items that you were not intending to tap or click on, then this mode will help you. When this is turned on, many of the places where you would just tap to select, become long-tap selections where you have to tap and hold the item before it will be selected. This can help prevent accidentally selecting the wrong item.


  • PD Confirm mode - if long-tapping an item is difficult for you, perhaps this option will help. If you often click the wrong item by accident, you can turn this on to have PD Diary ask you to confirm your selection. This may slow you down as you use the program, because you have to confirm your selections, but will help ensure that you are getting the correct selection.