As PD Diary was designed for people with Parkinson's, there are some features specifically to help with those people suffering from tremor.

PD Mode(Confirm)

Enabling this option will make PDDiary confirm that you really want to do what you requested. For instance if you click on a button to delete a medication with this option enabled, PDDiary will ask if you are sure you want to delete the medication. This is important for some people with Parkinson's who might accidently click on the wrong button due to tremor or coordination issues.

PD Mode(Long Click)

Enabling this option will change many of the buttons and links in PDDiary requiring you to long click them rather than just tap them. This option makes it more difficult for someone who has tremor or coordination issues to accidentally click on a link or button.

Turn off all alarms and notifications

This option not only silences the program, but does not show any notification reminders.

To return to the previous screen, tap on the arrow in the top left corner.