Time Change?

There was a time change last night and all my medicines are the wrong time today!  How can I set it to the new time?

The medicine schedule was set a few days in advance before the time change so they stayed on the old time. 

It is easy to adjust them to the new time by resetting just one of the medication's schedules.  If you need assistance, here is the process:

  1. Click on Medication.
  2. Select one of the medications and long click it (ie. touch and hold it for the menu to change on the top)
  3. Select the clock on the top right corner of the screen
  4. Long click one of the times as if you are going to change it.
  5. Select the clock from the top menu.
  6. Select the save button without making any changes.

All medication alarms will be reset for the scheduled times.